exocet/yii2-upload-file-behavior A Yii2 behavior designed to simplify the process of uploading and managing files and images associated with ActiveRecord models.

UploadFileBehavior for Yii2 ?

  1. Features
  2. Installation
  3. Setup and Configuration
  4. Contribution

UploadFileBehavior is a Yii2 behavior designed to streamline the process of uploading files and/or images. It manages the processing and storage of files associated with an ActiveRecord model.

Features ?

  • File uploading for ActiveRecord models.
  • Customizable file saving steps.
  • Thumbnail generation.
  • Option to rename uploaded files.
  • Ability to delete files when associated records are deleted.
  • Automatic cleanup of directories during updates.

Installation ?

The preferred way to install this extension is through composer.

composer require "exocet/yii2-upload-file-behavior"

Setup and Configuration ?

  1. Include new behavior: `php use exocet\yii2UploadFileBehavior\UploadFileBehavior; `

  2. Add the upload file attribute to your model: `php public $upload_file; `

  3. Add safety rules for your image path or similar: `php [['image_path'], 'safe'], `

  4. Attach the behavior to your model: `php public function behaviors() {

     return [
         'uploadFileBehavior' => [
             'class' => UploadFileBehavior::className(),
             'nameOfAttributeStorage' => 'image_path',
             //... other configurations

    } `

Configuration Options ?

Here's a quick run-through of the configuration options:

  • modelAttributeForFile: (string) The model's attribute to receive the file from the form. Defaults to 'upload_file'.

  • modelAttributeForStorage: (string) The model's attribute to store the file path or reference. Defaults to 'images'.

  • newFileName: (bool|string) A new filename to save the uploaded file as. Defaults to false (meaning it won't rename).

  • steps: (array) Configurations detailing where and how to save the uploaded file. This can include thumbnail generation, different save paths, etc.

  • thumbnailPrefix: (string) Prefix for generated thumbnails. Defaults to 'thumb-'.

  • originalPrefix: (string) Prefix to use when saving a copy of the original image. Defaults to 'original-'.

  • scenarios: (array) Scenarios under which this behavior will be triggered. Defaults to ['default'].

  • deleteImageWithRecord: (bool) Whether or not to delete the file when the associated record is deleted. Defaults to false.

  • cleanDirWithUpdate: (bool) Whether or not to clean the upload directory when updating files. Defaults to false.

For more in-depth examples and how to set up the steps configuration, refer to the example given in the code comments.

Contribution ?

Feel free to contribute to this project by opening issues, pull requests, or providing feedback. Your contributions are welcome!

Designed with :heart: for Yii2 developers.

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Yii Version: 2.0
License: MIT
Category: Database
Developed by: xchwarze
Created on: Sep 20, 2023
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